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  Antona can offer complete design services beginning with your idea to the completed product.   We can manufacture the product for you, as we have done for several companies.   Your company name or logo is the only identification we place on the product.   The list of customers who have used our product design and manufacturing abilities include IBM, General Electric, Allied Signal, Hughes Aircraft, Technicolor, Foto-Kem, Eaton, ASC Video(now Leitch Inc.) and Celestron.   We have been designing and delivering computer peripheral cards, microprocessor and microcontroller based equipment since 1977

  Over the years, there have been custom design projects that have produced finished products that have a small, but specific market, or have inspired a different product to be built on speculation.  These spinoff products are available built to order by contacting Antona directly for price and delivery information:

  Looking for a solution to a particular design problem?  Email, FAX or phone your requirements for a quote.  I do not work through 3rd party contract organizations or jobshops and, do not seek work outside a 30 mile radius of Los Angeles county.  The only exception is for custom designed test adapters or bus compatible cards that can be designed and debugged at our Los Angeles facility.

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