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Ethernet RS-232/RS-485-422 ANC-6132
RS485/422 Serial Adapters

The ANC-6132 adapter provides the designer with a low cost solution ($78) to remotely link an RS-232C and/or an RS-422,RS-485 device to a network. 


  • Connect serial devices remotely by ethernet
  • 2 ports - operate an attached RS422/485 device and an RS232 device
  • Virtual serial driver, utility and sample source software included
  • Transmit RS422/485 data at distances up to 4,000 feet (1,219 m)
  • 4-wire full duplex (RS422) or 2-wire half duplex (RS485) operation
  • Serial baud rates up to 230.4 KBaud
  • LED status of Power, Link, transmit and receive
  • ARP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, HTTP, DHCP protocols supported.
  • 32KB of buffer memory and 5K bytes per second throughput
  • External power supply included

The adapter turns a serial device into remote connected ethernet client.

Hardware Flexibility
RS-422/485 - signal levels meet or exceed the Recommended Standards.  The RS-232C side mates directly with a PC serial port.  This makes the adapters an ideal solution for connecting external RS-485/422 equipment to operate as a client of your network. 

Software Compatibility
The adapter acts as a remote RS-232C and/or RS-485/422 device on an ethernet.   No specific software modifications are required to operate with off-the-shelf applications that use the serial communications port for I/O.  The user sets the included virtual serial device driver up on a PC then selects what comport to control to match the application software for the attached serial device during the setup process.   In RS-485 mode, the data direction is changed on the adapter automatically.

Easy to Use
Shipped ready for installation.  Setup is performed with a web browser (no jumpers to set) and a user's manual is included on disk.

This product is built and tested to meet high standards of quality and reliability.  The ANC-6132 is covered by a one year warranty. 

Product ANC-6132 
RS485/422 Wiring Discrete wire CAT-5
Interface Converts to/from TCP/IP to RS-232 and 
RS-485 or 
Ethernet Connector RJ-45 8-pin jack - standard LAN port
RS-485/422 Connector 4-pin terminal block
RS-232 Connector 9-pin D-Shell plug (DB-9M) DTE pinout
Dimensions 2.8" x 4.4" x 1.2"

Flow Control  User Selected
Baud Rate  300 to 230.4K baud 
Power 4.5W (9V @500 ma)  
External Power  +9v (supply included) 

Note: Product specifications subject to change without notice.

Updated July 27, 2009
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