ANC-9000 Series

SMD Wire-Wrap Prototyping Adapters



  These adapter sockets provide a quick and efficient means for the designer to wire-wrap prototypes of equipment which are based on the new generation of VLSI chips. Leadless chip carriers (LCC), plastic leaded chip carriers (PLCC/PCC), pin grid array (PGA) type packages and many new versions may be easily adapted to wire-wrap or machine pins saving hours in bread boarding and debug time.   Save hours of breadboarding, debugging, and rework time doing your next prototype.   Concentrate on the design, not the prototype construction.

Test and Debug

  Test points on each component lead provide the designer with a numbered connection for oscilloscope and logic analyzer probes.   Ever removed or installed an IC from a prototype board that was powered up?   A LED circuit on the adapter boards provides a user definable indication of operation or "power-on" condition and most of our adapters provide 2 LEDs.

Ease of Use

  In addition to the component side leads being numbered for easy access to each pin, the user's manual includes an adhesive backed universal numbering sheet, which identify pins on the wire-wrap side to guide the wire-wrap process.   The user's manual also provides a numbered pin designation sheet to use as a signal-to-pin reference. You can look at a sample layout sheet for our ANC-9044 below.

9044 layout

  For a full size graphic sample layout of our ANC-9044 adapter (60K), click on this thumbnail graphic.   You can then output the graphic on your printer (set printer to "landscape" output for best results).


  The majority of our adapters card's pins are spaced 0.1" apart on 0.3" centered rows for use on a wide variety of prototyping boards. Once the socket pin count gets above 132, the pin are spaced 0.1" apart on 0.1" centered rows to lower the overall size of the card.   You can download an Adobe PDF formatted mechanical drawings of the following products:

  • 20,32,44,52,68,84-pin PLCC and 100-pin PQFP

  • 68-pin TEST socket adapter, 84,100,132-pin PQFP type adapters

  • 132-pin PGA, 44,52,68,84-pin LCC type adapters

  • Price and Delivery

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    Delivered from stock:
    20, 28, 32, 44, 52, 68, 84-pin in PLCC, LCC, PGA
    ANC-90 nn V = 3-level wire/wrap pins
    ANC-95 nn V = .018" Dia. gold machine pins
    nn = total component pins,   V=pin numbering/socket type
    J=PLCC/pin 1 center, S=pin 1 corner
    L=LCC/pin 1 corner,T=pin 1 center
    P=PGA/pin 1 corner, U=pin 1 center

    As an example, one of our most popular adapters, the ANC-9044J is a 44-pin PLCC with pin #1 on the center-side of the chip and 1 inch wire/wrap pins

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    Other Component Adapters

    84,100, 132 PQFP
    132 PGA (ANC-9232P)
    176 PGA for Actel A1280 (ANC-9176F)

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